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H. H. Mercer is proud to be a stocking distributor of Birchwood Casey Industrial Metal Finishing Products.


We stock product from one to fifty-five gallons.  Please contact HHM at (972) 289-1911 for information regarding your application.  

If our engineers help you find a solution that meets your needs we will  provide contact information and place you in touch directly with a factory representative. 

H. H. Mercer does not offer black oxide service. 

HHM is not a platter and does not sell plating supplies.  We do have an in-house black oxide system for our own use but we generally do not contract to black oxide parts for outside solicitation.  

HHM can provide the names of several companies that provide black oxide services on a contract basis for individuals and companies seeking to have black oxide performed third party.

  Payment   Hazardous Info
H. H. Mercer now accepts credit cards for the convenience of our customers.

In stock chemicals purchased before 3:00 CST using a credit card or for those customers on account will ship same day as ordered.

Contact H. H. Mercer for current pricing and shipping information.

Those wishing to establish an account with H. H. Mercer, with terms such as NET 30, please contact our accounting department to set up an account.

New customers or those on account that are delinquent will be placed on a COD basis.

WILL CALL is available for those customers that wish to personally pick up the chemicals they order.  Please keep in mind that five gallon jugs weigh approx. 50 lbs each.  

H. H. Mercer does have personnel on hand to help load chemicals. 

 WILL CALL is available between
9:00am - 4:00pm CST.

When coming to H. H. Mercer for WILL CALL service please pull your vehicle to the second loading bay this is a dock high service door that enters into the chemical storage area.

Birchwood Casey CHEMICALS ARE DANGEROUS and as such MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheets) SHEETS ARE SHIPPED WITH EACH CHEMICAL. 

H. H. Mercer also has on file copies of all MSDS sheets for each product we sell.  If you find that you are in need of MSDS sheets please contact us direct by phone or e-mail and we will make arraignments to supply you with replacement copies of any MSDS documentation. 

From time to time customers will miscalculate their chemical needs or usage and will fail to order in a timely manner. 

When a customer finds themselves in desperate need of chemicals we receive requests to ship  air, over-night, next day, etc.  

THESE CHEMICALS CANNOT BE SHIPPED BY AIR.  Birchwood Casey chemicals are HAZARDOUS and it is illegal to ship them by air.  


H. H. Mercer, CANNOT ship chemicals classified as HAZARDOUS in any other manner except ground.  This is FEDERAL LAW.





Birchwood Casey Factory offer.

FREE Sample Blacking of your parts . . . See below for details.

sample blackening


Black Oxide Process Development Allows Metal Component Manufacturers To Analyze Finish Quality, Compare Costs, And Investigate In-House Finishing… 

Free Service From Birchwood Casey

blackening animation

With all the parts finishing options available, it is often difficult for manufacturers to determine which might be the best one for a particular purpose, especially if they are a bit unfamiliar with metal finishing techniques. Likewise, from the suppliers' perspective, it can be difficult to optimize process parameters without actually seeing the parts in question. Consequently, when evaluating new finishes, the manufacturer should have some sample parts coated in order to test the various finishing options. Doing so often leads to new ideas and better ways to make products. Checking out the new finishing options from Birchwood Casey can lead to major production and bottom line improvements.

To facilitate this sample blackening and evaluation, Birchwood Casey has recently expanded its in-house lab and testing line to provide the optimal black oxide finish for metal components. The Birchwood Casey lab can accommodate several different finishing processes, on a prototype scale, bolstered by ASTM salt spray and humidity testing capabilities, as well as a full analytical lab.

By actually coating samples of production parts, the Birchwood Casey engineers can determine the best black oxide process parameters for each type of surface, then return the finished parts to their owner for evaluation. The report that comes back with the parts details the cleaning, rinsing, activation, blackening and sealing operations that comprise the best overall black oxide cycle. Testing and evaluation turnaround time is typically 5-7 working days.

Birchwood Casey processes are most effective blackening and protecting cutting tools, hand tools, power drive components or other parts which cannot tolerate the dimensional change of painting or plating. Ideal materials are cast iron, tool steels, forgings, machined or ground surfaces, and even powdered metals.

Take advantage of this FREE no obligation offer, send 10 to 15 components to Birchwood Casey, 7900 Fuller Road, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344-9702. 

Download the Free Blackening Request Form or fill it out online.

download pdf form


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  Birchwood Casey Industrial Metal Finishes

H. H. Mercer, Inc.





We regularly EXPORT to MEXICO and South America

Products available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers

Products H. H. Mercer, Inc. stocks for immediate delivery include:

Cold Blackening & Oxidizing Concentrates


Presto Black®                 PC9
Presto Black®           PC10
Presto Black®           PBR
Presto Black®           PBA
Presto Black®           BST4
Color Safe®               CALL
Antique Black®         M20
Antique Black®         M21
Antique Black®         M24
Antique Black®        M220
Antique Brown®       M38
Aluma Black®           A14
Aluma Black®           A15
Zinc Black®               ZN4
Pewter Black®          PB1
Pewter Black®          PB2

Verde Green® for Bronze
Not Birchwood Casey

Rust Preventives and Sealants

Sheath®                   RB1
Dri-Touch®              IRP1
Dri-Tough Plus®      IRP3
Barricade®               CALL
Satin Shield®           SS10
Sheath WS®             WS12
Clearlok®                 CALL

Metal Cleaners and Conditioners

Presto Kleen®         HP
Presto Kleen®         NSC1

Other Items

Mini Blackening Kit   BK1
Color Change Test Kit

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information on Birchwood Casey products and shipping related information.

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For more information about Birchwood Casey or technical information on Birchwood Casey products you may find what you are looking for at the Official Birchwood Casey home page located here,

7900 Fuller Road Eden Prairie, MN 55344 U.S.A.
Tel 612-937-7931 Fax 612-937-7979 Toll Free 1-800-328-6156


Brichwood Casey Field Sales Rep:
Terry Fields
Greenwood, MS
(601) 455-1923

All 55 Gallon Containers MUST be shipped over the road carrier.

  Approximate shipping weights, 1 gallon 10 lbs., 5 gallons 50 lbs.,
15 gallon drum 150 lbs., 55 gallon drum 500 lbs., BK1 Kit 90 lbs.

Most products are considered Hazardous Materials
by the Department of Transportation and surcharges may apply.

  Shipments FOB Mesquite, Texas
All shipments become customer property when delivered to the carrier.

  Product Samples are available on some items call for details.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Emergency Information


MSDS Materials Safety Data Sheets available on all chemicals upon request. 
Contact H.H. Mercer, Inc. or Birchwood Laboratories, Inc.


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H. H. Mercer, Inc. does NOT carry Birchwood Casey Sporting Goods products or Gun Care Products.  For these products please see the Birchwood Casey Home Page at

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