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Recently H. H. Mercer added to their line of specialized fixtures and machining processes complete Vacuum Fixture capabilities.

H. H. Mercer has invested heavily in the vacuum technology and has refined their learning curve to product outstanding results.  

Materials can be machined flat with less clamping which allows us to produce some parts faster and at less cost then before.  Less clamping, fixturing and setups result in cost savings that are passed on to the customer in the form of lower prices.

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H. H. Mercer has been designing and building fixturing and tooling since the beginning in 1969.  

When a new machine tool is purchased the next step is to build fixturing so that the machine tool can be placed on the plant floor and manufacture parts.

H. H. Mercer has been building tooling and fixturing for years.  We have the design and manufacturing capabilities that allow us to take your concept or part from idea to working fixture. 

We want to support your machine tool by building you the best fixture based upon engineered designs and quality manufacturing.  


One of the more recent applications we have developed is the use of Vacuum for fixturing.  Machining with vacuum is a foreign concept to many in the industry.  Vacuum is often overlooked as a viable work holding solution.  With measurements in inches of Mercury, mbar and torr many people don't understand Vacuum or feel its usefulness is limited to the physics lab.  


In an effort to support the logistical needs of a Government Contractor that was responsible for the supply of all the conventional bomb fuses in the recent Iraq War was faced with a problem to increase production for the war effort.  

H. H. Mercer was approached about the design and manufacture of a fixture to help increase production of one particular bomb fuse that was in great demand.  The government had increased orders 6 fold over previous years and they had shortened delivery times.  To meet the demand of the war effort there was no time to purchase and bring in new machine tools to increase production.  

H. H. Mercer took existing machine tools then designed and built fixturing to increase production.  H. H. Mercer built Pneumatic fixtures to handle the increased speed and requirements as specified by the contractor.  

Taking the concept and incorporating new tooling changes and techniques along with dedicated and engineered fixtures we were able to reduce machine time per part and increase production exponentially.  When the dust settled and it was all said and done, H. H. Mercer had introduced new tooling and fixturing that allowed the machine to operate faster than the supply of machine parts could be supplied and removed from the machine.


H. H. Mercer was approached by a high speed drilling and tapping machine tool manufacturer to produce fixturing for some machine tools that were to be delivered to Mexico.  These machine tools were going to be put into a automotive parts manufacturing facility to produce 63,000 parts per day.  

Working with both the end user and the machine tool supplier, H. H. Mercer took a concept from idea thru design to finished product and delivered a working fixture on time and on budget.

One requirement of this project was that the fixture needed operate 1000's of times per day and hundred thousands of times per year.  For reliability we choose to use Hydraulics as the power source for this fixture.  

H. H. Mercer designed and manufactured this fixture and it is still operating today.  Chances are if you drive a vehicle from one of the Big Three and it has a cruise control you have a part in your vehicle that was manufactured on a fixture we designed and built.


With manufacturing incorporating more technology it has become intergraded in all most every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Machine Vision

These are all areas that H. H. Mercer has worked hand in hand with the customer to produce quality machined products and fixtures.

We embrace a challenge


(972) 289-1911


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