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H. H. Mercer, Inc. started in Dallas, Texas in 1969.  In the beginning HHM primarily served the oil well and petrochemical industry.  

When NC and CNC machinery became available HHM was among the first to have such equipment in Dallas.  Now it seems everyone has CNC equipment, but it is our experience, commitment to quality and flexibility that separate H. H. Mercer from all the other contract machine shops around.

The future for H. H. Mercer looks bright.  HHM is committed to investing in technology to stay current and competitive with the industry.  H. H. Mercer has over 33 years experience in the industry providing solutions for everyone from individuals to large corporations requiring mission critical components. 

H. H. Mercer looks forward to a positive and challenging future and we welcome the opportunity to serve new customers while continuing to serve our existing base.

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H. H. Mercer, Inc. was founded in 1969.  The company originally was located in the Trinity Industrial district of Dallas, Texas.  In 1988 the company moved to its present location in Mesquite, Texas.

H. H. Mercer has been servicing the Oil Well industry since the company began.  Seeking to diversify the company moved into other areas of specialty such as Aircraft Tooling, Medical and Prototyping.

The company has made a commitment to keep current with technology while holding true to proven methods.  With each year technology brings with it new and exciting equipment, methods and challenges.  H. H. Mercer has embraced these changes and attempted to grow with them.

Original NC programming was accomplished with a time-share system on old large mainframes.  When H. H. Mercer first took possession of NC controlled machinery, personal computers were just coming into their own.  Back then the machines ran on punched paper tape as there were no floppy discs and CNC was unheard of.  Much of the NC programming was done by hand, written down then typed into a terminal to be processed into a punched paper or Mylar tape that was then fed into the machine.

Now we program using workstations and CAM software.  CAD software allows us to create drawings or accept CAD drawings from customers.

H. H. Mercer is truly an international company with customers from around the globe.  Many of our aircraft tools have been used in maintenance shops on almost every continent of the world.  Our aircraft tooling has gained the reputation of being some of the finest available.


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