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H. H. Mercer was approached by a supplier for the automotive industry to help develop a process to improve the overall efficiency and quality of prototypes.  

The automotive supplier wanted to improve all aspect of the prototyping process from concept to finished working prototype.  H. H. Mercer listened to the customer and worked with the customer to formulate a comprehensive package to improve their prototype program from start to finish.

Before H. H. Mercer became involved many times the customer was machining prototypes from solid billet material or modifying existing products to product working prototypes.  This was ok with the exception that all most all of the products supplied by this customer start with castings in production.

H. H. Mercer suggested that the customer explore the possibility of adding solid modeling capabilities to their design facility in an effort to create solid model at the same time they designed the 2D blueprints.

Then H. H. Mercer took the customer to meet with rapid prototyping services bureaus that could take the solid models and make STREOLITHOGRAPHY solid models which would be used to pour prototype castings.

These prototype castings more closely resembled how a product would be delivered to the end user as it would be manufactured in production.

The use of CAD/CAM allowed the flexibility to make design changes on the fly with far less money spent on machining.

In the end the automotive supplier refined their prototyping process to make more accurate prototypes and models, cheaper, faster and on demand.

H. H. Mercer still performs the machining operations on the prototypes but we have passed the cost savings on to the customer because they no longer have to spend the money on machine time to create a prototype out of solid material.

The customer is happier, they receive better looking parts cheaper and the end user (the Automobile Manufactures) are happier as the prototypes can be delivered faster and with more accurate detail and appearance of the actual product as it would be delivered when in production.

H. H. Mercer is proud to help our customers with their prototype needs.

H. H. Mercer supplies solutions.

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One of the most important aspect of manufacturing prototypes is the ability to understand the prototyping process.

The prototyping process is a evolving living process that requires understanding, flexibility and the ability to make changes "on the fly" or mid stream to realize a finished prototype that meets the customers need.


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H. H. Mercer is committed to the customer when it comes to producing quality prototypes.  H. H. Mercer understands the prototyping process and is flexible enough to work with the customer and their engineers to produce the best prototypes on time and on budget.

H. H. Mercer works with almost any material including metals, plastics and composites.  We use state of the art computer aided design systems and computer aided manufacturing to manufacture prototypes that meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

New technology is embraced and utilized when appropriate.  One such technology that has come into its own in the past few years is the rapid prototyping processes such as Stereolithography.




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