Part Numbers

Part NumberAlternate P/NDescription
012-729-02 Mounting Plate, Lathe Fixt
117-68021W8 Puller
1324A Handling Tool, Brake
21C558G001 Fixture
21C630 Gage
21C810P010 Wrench, Adapter
21C813P010 Wrench, Adapter
23002202 Fixture
23002205 Gage
23002211 Wrench
23002223 Adapter
23003267 Kit, Cleaning
23003285 Gage
23003286 Gage
23004318 Holder
23005023 Puller
23005426 Guide
23006778 Guide
23006782 Adapter
23006783 Adapter
23006784 Guide
23006785 Installation Tool
23007615 Kit, Cleaning
23007616 Magnet
23007638 Wrench
23008680 Adapter, Oil Line
23008682 Adapter, Oil Line
23008710 Fixture, Holding
23008744 Plate, Puller
23030169 Guide
23032403 Wrench & Holder
23033028 Fixture
23033031 Fixture
23033032 Drift
23033037 Holder
23033038 Mask, Spray
23034204 Vibration Pickup Bracket
23034275 Adapter
23051161 Plug
23051176 Fixture
23053550 Punch
23060683 Pusher
2561517 Wrench
2561525 Fitting
2561530 Test Fixture
2561681 Bleed Fixture
2651530 Test Fixture
292155-01 Wrench
2C5312 Pusher
2C5318 Gage, Ignitor Plug
2C5320 Pin, Rigging
2C5322 Wrench
2C5324 Gage, Alignment
2C5356 Gage, Alignment
2C6081P014 Wrench
2C6352G003 Wrench Set, Air Tube Nuts
2C6367G001 Install / Remove Tool
2C6373G001 Adapter, Locking
2C6591P001 Tool
2C6615G001 Tool Set
2C6615G002 Tool Set
2C6615G003 Tool Set
2C6639G003 Puller
2C6998G005 Fixture, Seal Ring, AGB
2C6998G006 Fixture, Seal Ring, AGB
2C6998G007 Fixture, Seal Ring, AGB
2C6998G008 Fixture, Seal Ring, AGB
350A93331203 Puller
350A93380020 Immobolizing Tool
350A93380220 Immobolizing Tool
350A93380400 Wrench
350A93380600 Wrench
355A82105402 Bearing, Delrin
366D25901 Nut
366D26001 Retainer
366D27803 Stop Screw
366D28401 Cam
366D28501 Nut
366GS00801 Adapter
366GS014 Lifting Lug
366TL00401 Adapter, Spanner Wrench
366TL005-08 Wrench, 7/16
366TL005-09 Wrench, 1/2″
460006226 Alignment Bullet
460006404 Torque Adapter
460006804 Bleed Adapter
460007011 Socket, MLG
460007262 Checking Gage
460007280460005833Ground Lock Sleeve
558-1-05903-002558-1-05903Extractor, Fuel Pump
6137-013 Pin, Locating
6795589 Wrench
6795597 Wrench
6795635 Wrench
6795644 Wrench
6795969 Holder
6795974 Fixture, Align
6795980 Wrench, Spanner
6795990 Dummy Bearing
6795993 Cap
6796589 Plate
6796918 Drift
6796920 Puller
6796941-19 Punch
6796941-201 Puiller Assy.
6796946 Drift
6796948 Drift
6796949 Drift
6796950-04 Plate, Puller
6796950-05 Plate, Puller
6796950-06 Plate, Puller
6796950-07 Plate, Puller
6796950-08 Plate, Puller
6796950-10 Plate, Puller
6796950-11 Plate, Puller
6796950-12 Plate, Puller
6796950-23 Plate, Puller
6796963 Lift
6798046 Wrench
6798047 Wrench
6798140 Probe
6798292 Wrench
6798796 Drift
6798807 Compressor
6798845 Puller
6798851 Insulator
6798927 Crimper
6798928 Protector
6799538 Wrench
6799700 Puller
6799790 Adapter
6799841 Brush
6801350A32030000 Puller
6801350A33101820 Master Shim
6801355A32060000 Bevel Pinion
6804350A31003301 Drift
6804360A33400700 Socket
6807350A32030000 Socket
6808350A32030000 Drift
6809350A32030000 Puller
6851350A33210000 Tool, Staking
6872477 Wrench
6872482 Fixture, Setting
6872550 Wrench
6872879 Fixture, Spotface
6872881 Wrench
6872882 Puller
6872927 Wrench
6873066 Fixture
6886204 Kit, Protector
6889889 Puller
6889891 Holder
6889893 Wrench
6889894 Holder
6891195 Puller
6891850 Drift
6893376 Adapter Assy.
6893379 Drift
6893381 Puller
6893504 Pusher
6893507 Pusher
6893511 Plate, Puller
6893515 Plate, Puller
6893517 Plate, Puller
6893526 Pliers
6893532 Drift
6893536 Drift
6893538 Puller
6893707 Puller
6893724 Plate, Puller
6893734 Wrench
6893738 Pliers
6893739 Puller
6895538 Press
6897886 Puller
6898261 Plug
6898412 Plate
6899966 Fixture
6SF7062-501 Adapter
856A1022PO5 Spanner Wrench
856A1022PO6 Spanner Wrench
856A1130G02 Jack Screw
856A1336G02 ADAPTER, SET OF 2, 3/8″ MEC NUTS
856A1469G01 Wrench Set
856A1494G01 Fixture, Handling, MHU
856A2501G01 Wrench
856A2609G01 Block, Fuel Pump
856A2664G01 Gage, Setting, VBV Doors
856A2795PO1 Puller, OGV Ring
856A5649 Mirror
861823 Cap, Protective
881.0.007.009 Tool, Unlocking
881.0.120.025 Tool, Locking
881.0.131.088 Threaded Extractor (Set of 3)
881.0.600.130 Socket Splined
881.1.937.000 Wrench
881.2.148.000 Puller
881.2.247.000 Puller
881.2.258.000 Sling
881.2.266.000 Wrench, T Couple
881.2.749.000 Drifts
881.2.954.000 Guide
881.3.070.000 Pins, Guide
881.3.100.000 Wrench, Torque
881.3.152.000 Wrench
881.4.164.002 T Wrench
881.4.164.003 Wrench, Socket
881.5.712.000 Guide, Borescope
881.6.758.000 Tool,  Ret. Ring
98A24403000000 Strap, Power Cord
98A25207503000 Kit, Sealing,  Cord
98A27003001000 Pin, Rigging
98A27203500000 Base
98A27508005001 _-400, Adapter
98A27901002000 Pin, Rigging
98A28104000000 Water Drain Purger
98A32301000000 Pin, Rigging
98A32301013000 Pin, Rigging
98A32401500000 Pin, Rigging
98A35207599000 Adapter, Hose
98A49107504001 Protector Set
98A52108004001 Sling, Passenger Door
98D07103500000 Jack Adapter
98D07104000001 Jacking Pad (Set of 2)
98D07104000042 Jacking Pad (Left Hand)
98D07104000043 Jacking Pad (Right Hand)
98D07104081000 JACKING PAD SET, LH & RH
98D26203000001 Tester, Fire Extinguisher
98D26203001000 Tester, Fire Extinguisher
98D27207545000 Pin, Rigging
98D27207546000 Pin, Rigging
98D27207547000 Pin, Rigging
98D27207548000 Pin, Rigging
98D27207549000 Pin, Rigging
98D2730300300198D27303003000Check Tool, Aileron
98D27309006000 Gage, Elevator
98D27403500000 Lock, Pitch Trim Control
98D27407517013 Socket Wrench
98D27407517014 Socket Wrench
98D27407517016 Punch
98D27407517018 Wrench
98D27407517110 Groove Nut Wrench
98D27407517120 Groove Nut Wrench
98D27407532000 Pin, Rigging
98D27504002000 Flap Adjusting Tool
98D27504003000 Flap Adjusting Tool
98D27504005000 Pin, Rigging
98D27504006000 Pin, Rigging
98D27504008000 GO / NO-GO Gage
98D27504028000 Wrench
98D27504029000 Spanner, Socket
98D27504030001 Lock, Torque Shaft
98D27504032000 Guide
98D27504035000 Torque Adapter
98D27507536000 Socket
98D2760300200198D27603002000Spoiler Maintenance Key
98D27604000000 Collar, Safety Spoiler
98D27803000000 Locking Tool
98D27803500001 Tool, Zero Lock
98D27804001000 Adapter, Drive
98D27804012000 Gauge, Rigging
98D27804020000 Block
98D2920824600198D29208246000Safety Device, RAT
98D32104015000 Guide Cone, MLG
98D32203501000 Guide Cone
98D32203502000 Pin, Safety
98D32303000000 Socket (Set of 2)
98D3240300300098D32403003200Adapter, Driving
98D32603000000 Simulation Plate
98D34103002000 ADM / Standby System Purge
98D34103003000 Pitot Pneumatic Cleaner
98D38308234001 Adapter
98D49207527000 Support Frame, APU
98D52103500000 Pin, Slide Arm
98D52207543000 Safety Device
98D55307518000 Sling, Vertical Stabilizer & Rudder
98D55307518000 Sling, Vertical Stabilizer & Rudder
98D56103001000 Installation Tool
98D56103002000 Wrench, Widow (Set of 2)
98D56103002001 Wrench, Window
98D56103002200 Wrench, Window
98D56103002201 Wrench, Window
98D57004013000 Hook, Cover
98D57204000000 Base Plate
98DNSA20206040 Pin, Rigging
98DNSA20206060 Pin, Rigging
98DNSA20206080 Pin, Rigging
98DNSA20206120 Pin, Rigging
98DNSA20206150 Pin, Rigging
98DNSA20208040 Pin, Rigging
98DNSA20208060 Pin, Rigging
98DNSA20208080 Pin, Rigging
98DNSA20208120 Pin, Rigging
98DNSA20208150 Pin, Rigging
98F32304000000 False Target
AVT3515 Wrench Set, A250
AVT3880 Differential Vent Orifice
AVT3995 Gage
AVT3996-01 Gage
AVT3996-02 Gage
AVT3996-03 Gage
AVT3996-04 Gage
AVT3996-05 Gage
AVT3996-06 Gage
AVT3996-07 Gage
AVT3996-08 Gage
AVT6574 Wrench
AVT6673-01 Reamer, .2250 Dia.
AVT6673-02 Reamer, .2350 Dia.
AVT6673-03 Reamer, .2450 Dia.
AVT6673-04 Reamer, .2550 Dia.
AVT6799 Drill / Ream Jig
AVT6807 Jackscrew, Reaming
AVT6985-01 Lapping Ring
AVT6985-02 Lapping Ring
AVT7086 T Couple Adapter
AVT7133 Socket
AVT74046975635Wrench, GP Turb Tie Bolt
CA10011 Key, Anti Rotation
CA10012 Sleeve, Gear Box
CA10014 Bushing (Sleeve)
CA10024 Washer, Split
CA10026 Gear Shaft Extension
CA10027 Collar, Backup
CA10038 Plug, Small
CA10039 Plug, Large
CA10065 Bushing
CA10071 Sleeve, Gear Box
CA10072 Bushing
CA10073 Pin
CA10076 Sleeve
CA10078 Anti Rotation Block
CA10088 Bushing
CA10106 Diffuser Insert
CA10132 Sleeve
CH1540-0277 Compression Tool
D23080000 Lock, NLG Ground Safety
D23156000 Pin, Safety
DRT68973 Inflation Tooling
F46754-1000 Protector, MLG
GU27742 Adapter
GU28181 Clocking Pin
GU28898-04 Lifting Tool
H47682460005203Wrench, MLG
HCU94 Gage
HHM10075 Socket
HHM10076 Socket
HHM10077TK-1573-918Puller, Beta Ring
HIX3005 Safety Sleeve
HIX3008 Pin, Lockout
HU3454-02 Splined Extension
IAE1F10003 Pusher
IAE1F10004 Pusher
IAE1F10007 Puller
IAE1F10008 Puller
IAE1F10009 Puller
IAE1F10010 Puller
IAE1F10031 Pusher
IAE1F10032 Pusher
IAE1F10082 Pin (Set of 2)
IAE1F10227 Drift
IAE1J13504 Puller
IAE1N20010 Pin, Lockout
IAE1N20023 Adapter
IAE1N20403 Sling, Inlet Cowel
IAE1N20404 Sling, Fan Cowl Doors
IAE1P16139 Wrench
IAE1R18000 Wrench
IAE1R18001 Wrench
IAE1R18002 Wrench
IAE1R18003 Wrench
IAE1R18254 Pin, Rigging
IAE3J13516 Gage, Setting
J47548 Protector, NLG
J47549 Wrench, NLG
J47563 Extractor
J47564 Adapter (Socket)
J47565 Extractor
J47566 Adapter (Socket)
J47751 Fitting
J47752 Extension
J47779 Protective Cone
J47999 Guide Cone
LTCT1060 Shaft
LTCT13404 Housing, Torque Fixture
LTCT13405 Wrench
LTCT13406 Square Drive
LTCT13407 Clamp
LTCT13408 Pin
LTCT1379 Puller
LTCT14274 Sleeve, Retaining
LTCT14616 Holding Fixture
LTCT14723 Puller
LTCT14808 Wire Gage Kit
LTCT3046 Wrench
LTCT5334 Wrench
LTCT5393 Puller
LTCT5484 Handle, Splined
LTCT6098 Bracket, Mounting
LTCT7309 Plate Adapter
M21930 Strut Service Tool
M46196 Plate
M46201 Pin Wrench
NSA9006-C12 Lug, Lifting
OU1455060U145506Cone, Mounting
OU1459140U145914Draining Tool
OU1459200U145920Manual Cranking Stop (Sets of 2)
OU1903600U190360Pin, Rigging
OU1908340U190834Zero Degree Location Tool
OU1908440U190844Brake Release Tool
OU1908570U190857Jamming Detection Tool
OU1908630U190863Backlash Tool
PWA12514 Wrench, Tie Rod
PWA12553 Jaw
PWA12651 Wrench
PWA12655 Anvil
PWA12790 Rivet Cup
PWA12968 Adapter
PWA25501 Guide Pin
PWA32076 Anvil
PWA32454 Tie Rod
PWA33175 Anvil
PWA33395 Bolt, Work
PWA33449 Wrench
PWA33473 Anvil
PWA33893 Seal
PWA35952 Seal, Fuel Nozzle
PWA3790-55 Puller
PWA45225 Wrench
PWA45543 Jackscrew
PWA47010 Puller
PWA47051 Anvil
PWA47123 Insert, Wrench
PWA75134 Hook
PWA75135 Hook
PWA80237 Puller
PWA85395 Pin
PWA85465 Pin
PWA85688 Puller, Jackscrew
PWA85749 Adapter
PWA86907 Pin, Rigging
PWA88440 Rigging Tool
PWC30046-50 Puller
PWC30046-52 Puller
PWC30046-53 Puller
PWC30046-54 Puller
PWC30046-57 Puller
PWC30051-02 Drift
PWC30052 Puller
PWC30054 Drift
PWC30075 Drift
PWC30078 Indicator
PWC30086 Plate
PWC30091 Socket
PWC30108 Puller
PWC30114-01 Wrench
PWC30114-02 Wrench
PWC30114-03 Wrench
PWC30114-04 Wrench
PWC30114-08 Wrench
PWC30114-09 Wrench
PWC30114-10 Wrench
PWC30114-14 Wrench
PWC30114-15 Wrench
PWC30115 Socket
PWC30128-02 Puller
PWC30128-03 Puller
PWC30128-04 Puller
PWC30128-05 Puller
PWC30128-06 Puller
PWC30128-07 Puller
PWC30128-11 Puller
PWC30128-12 Puller
PWC30128-13 Puller
PWC30161 Fitting
PWC30219 Compressor
PWC30225 Support Ring
PWC30261 Spreader
PWC30267 Puller
PWC30271-100 Spreader
PWC30271-101 Spreader
PWC30296 Drift
PWC30304-02 Rivet Set
PWC30304-04 Rivet Set
PWC30304-06 Rivet Set
PWC30304-07 Rivet Set
PWC30304-08 Rivet Set
PWC30304-09 Rivet Set
PWC30304-10 Rivet Set
PWC30304-11 Rivet Set
PWC30304-12 Rivet Set
PWC30304-13 Rivet Set
PWC30304-14 Rivet Set
PWC30304-18 Rivet Set
PWC30304-20 Rivet Set
PWC30304-21 Rivet Set
PWC30304-22 Rivet Set
PWC30304-38 Rivet Set
PWC30323 Pusher
PWC30328 Puller
PWC30332 Wrench
PWC30336 Sleeve
PWC30373 Puller/Pusher
PWC30383-01 Punch
PWC30383-02 Punch
PWC30384 Socket
PWC30403 Puller
PWC30410 Flow Fixture
PWC30414 Wrench
PWC30415 Compressor
PWC30416 Puller
PWC30422 Puller
PWC30423 Drift
PWC30425 Pliers
PWC30431 Support
PWC30433 Riveter
PWC30447 Drift
PWC30456 Pliers
PWC30458 Locking Tool
PWC30464 Flaring Tool
PWC30478 Spacer
PWC30487 Puller
PWC30495 Gage
PWC30496 Clamp
PWC30497 Plug
PWC30499-50 Gage
PWC30503 Punch
PWC30504 Punch
PWC30505 Puller
PWC30530 Plug
PWC30556 Puller
PWC30560 Fixture
PWC30585 Socket
PWC30610 Sling
PWC30617 Bracket
PWC30618 Bracket
PWC30619 Bracket
PWC30633 Socket
PWC30648 Socket
PWC30650 Jaw
PWC30694 Body & Screw
PWC30712 Adapter
PWC30720 Stand, Gear Box
PWC30727 Puller
PWC30766 Tool
PWC30811 Wrench
PWC30821 Insert
PWC30832 Sleeve
PWC30836 Bracket
PWC30840 Ring
PWC30848 Ring, Back-Up
PWC30854 Drift
PWC30855 Compressor
PWC30870 Socket
PWC30871 Puller
PWC30916 Fixture, Drill
PWC31013 Puller
PWC31016 Socket
PWC31022 Rivet Anvil
PWC31026 Support
PWC31027 Support
PWC31028 Support
PWC31033 Adapter
PWC31035 Socket
PWC31036 Socket
PWC31047 Sleeve
PWC31053 Adapter Plate
PWC31054 Puller
PWC31061 Puller
PWC31073 Plug
PWC31074 Locking Tool
PWC31077 Extension Bar
PWC31078 Extension Bar
PWC31080 Puller
PWC31084 Spacer
PWC31089 Support
PWC31097 Socket
PWC31142 Socket
PWC31158 Socket
PWC31159 Socket
PWC31181 Support, Rivet
PWC31187 Punch
PWC31188 Punch
PWC31195 Clip Ring
PWC31233 Riveter
PWC31247 Support, Rivet
PWC31262 Puller
PWC31263 Cap
PWC31280-202 Gage
PWC31280-303 Gage
PWC31280-401 Gage
PWC31291 Template
PWC31351 Adapter
PWC31400 Adapter
PWC31402 Puller
PWC31511 Cap, Blanking
PWC31512 Cap, Blanking
PWC31515 Output Bar
PWC31516 Guide
PWC31534 Puller
PWC31540 Wrench
PWC31544 Gage, Rivet
PWC31571 Wrench
PWC31583 Cutter
PWC31584 Gage
PWC31585 Socket
PWC31587 Riveter
PWC31632 Puller
PWC31656 Puller
PWC31664 Puller
PWC31771-100 Spreader, 6″
PWC31771-101 Spreader, 9″
PWC31787 Riveter
PWC31894 Riveting Machine
PWC32022 Socket
PWC32030 Puller
PWC32033 Puller
PWC32054 Clamp
PWC32062 Socket
PWC32066 Socket
PWC32079 Base
PWC32081 Ring, Engine Mounting
PWC32086 Drift
PWC32093 Crimper
PWC32097 Crimper
PWC32122-50 Arbor & Wheel
PWC32136 Fixture
PWC32137 Socket
PWC32179 Base
PWC32208 Puller
PWC32212 Pin, Aligning
PWC32228 Puller
PWC32232-50 Punch
PWC32232-51 Punch
PWC32252 Support
PWC32283 Rod
PWC32324 Socket
PWC32340 Puller
PWC32347 Puller
PWC32361 Socket
PWC32362 Socket
PWC32366 Pusher
PWC32375 Drift
PWC32380 Gage
PWC32389 Bracket
PWC32396-01 Jackscrew, A  1.500″
PWC32415 Compressor, Ring
PWC32417 Gage, Radius
PWC32422 Adapter, Shaft
PWC32430 Socket
PWC32435 Fixture
PWC32445 Puller
PWC32457 Fitting
PWC32459 Fixture
PWC32484 Gage, Diffuser
PWC32502-01 Wheel, Grinding
PWC32502-02 Wheel, Grinding
PWC32810 Puller
PWC32811 Flow Fixture, Fuel Nozzle
PWC32822 Puller
PWC32827 Socket
PWC32828 Wrench
PWC32834 Tube, Bleed Air
PWC32842-01 Cable Assy
PWC32842-03 Cable Assy
PWC32844 Socket
PWC32894 Cover, Holding
PWC32895 Plug, Blanking
PWC34005 Socket
PWC34006 Puller
PWC34018 Drift
PWC34019 Socket
PWC34021 Socket
PWC34026 Fixture
PWC34027 Drift
PWC34029 Socket
PWC34030 Crimper
PWC34038 Puller
PWC34060 Fixture
PWC34062 Puller
PWC34073 Sling, PS, PT6
PWC34111 Socket
PWC34112 Drift
PWC34161 Gage
PWC34212 Puller
PWC34217 Puller
PWC34218 Puller
PWC34219 Base
PWC34221 Socket
PWC34222 Pusher
PWC34223 Drift
PWC34224 Socket
PWC34226 Adapter
PWC34230 Drift
PWC34235 Drift
PWC34236 Socket
PWC34237 Drift
PWC34245 Drift
PWC34254 Socket
PWC34259 Socket
PWC34263 Support
PWC34289 Fixture
PWC34297 Probe
PWC34300 Stand, Engine Assembly
PWC34316 Drift
PWC34326 Puller
PWC34336 Pusher
PWC34342 Drift
PWC34343 Plate
PWC34348 Plate
PWC34405 PT Fixture, Fuel Nozzle
PWC34414 Puller
PWC34418 Puller
PWC34478 Spacer, Grinding
PWC34586 Socket Plug
PWC34626 Drift
PWC34644 Wrench
PWC34722 Socket
PWC37515-10 Bar
PWC37890 Crimper
PWC37918 Grinder, Shrouds
PWC50041 Bracket
PWC50057 Kit, Drill
PWC50073 Drift
PWC50202 Puller
PWC50455 Bridge, Loading
PWC50473 Spacer
PWC50624 Puller
PWC52094 Socket
PWC52294 Wrench, Nozzle
PWC52509 Cap Off Tool
R46014 Socket, NLG
RSE1098 Wrench Set
RSE1112 Sling
SL90-309-1-1250 TOOL, INSTALLATION, NSA5454
SL90-310-1-1250 TOOL, INSTALLATION, NSA5454
SL90-314-4375 TOOL, EXTRACTION, NSA5454
SL90-314-5000 TOOL, EXTRACTION, NSA5454
SL90-314-6250 TOOL, EXTRACTION, NSA5454
SL90-315-4375 WRENCH, NOTCHED, NSA5454
SL90-315-5000 WRENCH, NOTCHED, NSA5454
SL90-315-6250 WRENCH, NOTCHED, NSA5454
SL90-374-3750 WRENCH, NOTCHED, NSA5454
SL90-374-4375 WRENCH, NOTCHED, NSA5454
SL90-374-5000 WRENCH, NOTCHED, NSA5454
SL90-374-6250 WRENCH, NOTCHED, NSA5454
STD67181 Tool, Adjustment
TST1032 Wrench

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