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H. H. Mercer is a precision machine shop that specializes in the manufacture of precision machined components, parts,   fixtures and assemblies.  

We can design and manufacture to your specification or we can manufacture to your design and/or prints.  

HHM has in house CAD capability to accept your drawings and prints.  In most cases we can program directly from customer prints.  CAD allows us to reduce the time from print to part.

H. H. Mercer manufactures in both inch and metric or a combination of both.

Use our online information request form or call us direct at (972) 289-1911 and you will receive answers to all your questions - how can we assist you?



H. H. Mercer is proud to be a stocking distributor of Birchwood Casey Industrial Metal Finishes.  We regularly stock most of the Birchwood Casey line and have it available for immediate delivery.

H. H. Mercer can supply Birchwood Casey products in either one, five or fifty-five gallons sizes dependant upon your individual needs.

For complete in plant large scale production facilities or black oxide lines H. H. Mercer can assist you with your selection of equipment, installation or provide direct access to the factory with all their support, applications engineers and chemists.

 Aircraft Tooling  Prototyping
H. H. Mercer has dedicated much of the past few decades specializing in aircraft and turbine tooling.  

To meet the needs of the aircraft industry H. H. Mercer has invested heavily in the aircraft tooling supply and manufacture of turbine and other aircraft related tools.

We manufacture tooling for customers world wide.  Our staff is fully adept at working from either metric or inch prints and we machine in both metric and inch dimensions.

HHM has invested heavily in reference materials that allow us to research and cross reference European materials and American materials.  At times the customer may have nothing more than a part number of a particular item they are searching for.  HHM's vast library of reference materials will often allow us access to the most current information on many parts.

Some parts are stocked in inventory ready for immediate delivery while other more complicated parts are manufactured to order.

HHM has developed a reputation for quality and value when it comes to aircraft tooling.  Our experience has allowed us to use methods and techniques unique to the tooling industry.

We as a company understand tooling and your tooling needs.  Allow us to quote your next tooling package and let us show you the difference experience, knowledge and understanding have when it comes to customer service and value.

Prototyping has become an area of specialty and expertise for H. H. Mercer.  We have worked with many companies to help them refine their prototyping process to make it more efficient reducing the time and cost to go from print to part.

One customer supplies automotive components to major automobile manufacturers world wide.  We as a company have been able to help them refine their prototyping process to allow them to reduce their dependency on redundant machining so as to more closely focus on finished products ready to deliver to the end customer.

H. H. Mercer as a company has found that one key element in the prototyping process is the ability to be flexible and attentive to the customers needs throughout the prototyping process.  HHM has skilled craftsmen that are able to work hand in hand with design engineers and who understand the idiosyncrasies of the prototyping process.

HHM understands that prototyping is just that, the manufacture of a prototype.  We understand that a prototype is an ongoing and developing process.  If design changes are necessary once we have begun the machining process we are flexible enough to make machining changes "on the fly", so to speak.  

We as a company pride ourselves on our flexibility and attention to detail that allows us to better serve our customers.

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H. H. Mercer Incorporated

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Conventional and CNC machining and turning

H. H. Mercer welcomes the opportunity to manufacture your parts.  We specialize in precision machining and complete attention to detail.  We pride ourselves on quality and on time delivery.  For all your machining needs please contact Mickey Duckworth for a quote today.

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H. H. Mercer, Inc. is proud to be a member of the National Tooling and Machining Association.


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