H. H. Mercer, Inc., specializes in the manufacture of Tools, Tooling and support equipment for the Aerospace and Aircraft industries.

HHM is a leader in the aviation industry for Aviation Maintenance and Overhaul Tools.

SOME of the Aircraft and Engines we support:

  • Airbus

  • A319

  • A320

  • A321

  • Arriel

  • Bendix

  • CF700

  • CFM56

  • CJ610

  • Honeywell

  • JT15D

  • JT8

  • PT6

  • RR250

  • Spey

  • Tay

  • TFE731

  • TPW331

  • V2500

Products we produce:

Handling Equipment, Lifting Equipment, Slings
Components – Precision Machined parts and components
Tooling & Tools – Aircraft tooling, Engine tooling
Hand Tools, Insertion/Removal tools, Mechanical tools, Special Purpose tools, Tool kits, Wrenches and Sockets.